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  • Christmas Roses by Lizzie Lawson, Robert Ellice Mack

Christmas Roses by Lizzie Lawson, Robert Ellice Mack

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Christmas Roses by Lizzie Lawson, Robert Ellice Mack

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Lizzie Lawson, Robert Ellice Mack
Griffith, Farran & Company 1886
Multiple formats
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Beautifully illustrated book from the late 1800's with an assortment of charming poems for young children: Christmas Roses, The Christmas Stocking, The Pet Rabbit, Father's Boat, A Mistake, A Sad Tale,

The Crew of the Nancy Lee, Hie for Christmas, Bedtime, Puss in the Corner, The Little He and She, Little Bo-peep, Hopes and Fears, The Story Book Fairy, Spring, Golden Days, A Slander, A Song, Nearly Bedtime.

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